Traditional Baked & Glazed Ham

Time to prepare: 10 mins
Time to cook: 20-30 mins/lb


  • A Redhill Farm Dry Cured Ham Joint
  • Cloves (optional)
  • Demerara Sugar
  • Strong English Mustard


Set oven to Gas Mark 3, 325F, 160C, or Top oven Aga.

Place Ham in the centre of roasting tin on top of a large piece of tin foil. Wrap foil up and over the ham leaving room for air to circulate round the ham and seal all edges so that the steam will not escape. (Use two pieces of foil crossed if cooking a large Ham.)

Bake in the oven for 20 mins/lb for Ham on the bone, and 30 mins/lb for boned Ham Joints.

Take out of the oven before the last 30 mins to glaze.

Turn oven up to Gas Mark 7, 425F, 220C, Top oven Aga.

Remove foil and discard. Place Ham on board to work. Score rind in strips with a sharp knife and peel off leaving some fat on the Ham for glazing. If using cloves score surface in a diamond pattern and stud the centre of each diamond with a clove. Spread a layer of strong English mustard over the surface and then sprinkle on a good layer of Demerara sugar till all the mustard is well covered.

Put back in hot oven in roasting tin for approx. 20 mins until golden brown.

Remove from roasting tin and leave to cool.

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