Lincolnshire Sausage & Herb Toad in the Hole


8 x Redhill Farm Free Range Pork Lincolnshire Sausages
6 oz/170g Plain Flour
Pinch of Salt
Tsp Chopped Fresh or Dried Oregano
2 x Redhill Farm Free Range Eggs
7 fl oz Whole Milk
3 fl oz Water
1-2 Tblsp Pork Dripping or Rapeseed Oil


1. Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, add the salt and oregano and mix.
2. Make a well in the centre with a spoon and crack the two eggs into the well.
3. Using an electric whisk mix together pouring the mild and water at the same time. Use a pallet knife to scape any bits from the edges of the bowl into the mix and whisk briefly.  Leave this mix to stand at room temperature for 20-30 mins as this will produce a lighter, less doughy pudding.
4. Heat the oven to 220C / 200C Fan.
5. When ready, put the dripping or oil in a roasting pan and heat in the oven still smoking hot.  Add the sausages, spaced out evenly and then pour the batter around them.  
6.  Cook in the oven for 30-40 mins till golden brown.



Make this recipe as individual Yorkshire Puddings in a deep muffin tray (makes 12) and cook the sausages on their own on a tray in the oven (see below), making a caramelised onion gravy in the pan after taking the sausages out when cooked.

Always cook Redhill Farm Free Range Pork Sausages in an oven on a tray around 180C for 20-30 mins - they have a low fat content no need gentler cooking - if frying or grilling - cook low and slow to avoid bursting their natural skins - and NEVER prick the skins - as there is less fat it needs to stay inside the skin to baste while cooking.


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