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This is the sort of Bacon and Ham that can only be bought from people like us that really make it themselves – full of natural, sweet flavour and with no added water. All our Oak Smoked Bacon and Hams have been hung in our brick smokehouse and cold smoked for 17 hours over mature English Oak chippings.

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  • Dry Cured Shortback Bacon

    Dry Cured Shortback Bacon

    The prime cut of bacon cured from pure trimmed loin. It has a milder flavour than all of our other bacon.

    6 Rashers – 200g.

    Price: 4.50

  • Dry Cured Streaky Bacon

    Dry Cured Streaky Bacon

    Our dry cured streaky bacon is excellent on it’s own but also for using in cooking, wrapping round chicken or fish.

    6 Rashers – 180g.

    Price: 3.75

  • Dry Cured Gammon Steaks

    Dry Cured Gammon Steaks

    Hand cut from the prime horseshoe of our Dry Cured Hams.

    Individually packed – 280g. 

    Available plain or oak smoked.

    Price: 3.65

  • Dry Cured Ham Joint

    Dry Cured Ham Joint

    A dry, good textured Ham with a natural sweet flavour once cooked.

    Available sizes 1kg up to 5kg for a whole Ham boned and rolled. Available Whole (6kg) on the Bone - subject to availability.

    Price: 13.75 per kg

  • Oak Smoked Ham Joint

    Oak Smoked Ham Joint

    Oak Smoked over mature English Oak chippings in our brick smoke-house.

    Ham Joints Boned & Rolled sizes from 1kg – 5kg.   Whole Ham (6kg) On The Bone - subject to availablity.

    Price: 14.25 per kg

  • Dry Cured Ham Hock

    Dry Cured Ham Hock

    Excellent cheap cut often overlooked. Use for stocks, soups with plenty of meat for a good meal.

    1 kg.

    Price: 7.15

  • Dry Cured Oak Smoked Pancetta

    Dry Cured Oak Smoked Pancetta

    Thinly sliced, ideal for wrapping around other meat or fish.


    1* Great Taste Award 2018

    Price: 4.95

  • Roast Glazed Ham Joint

    Roast Glazed Ham

    Roast Glazed Ham Joints 

    Sizes 1kg - 4kg

    Price: 15.95 per kg

  • Sliced Packs Roast Ham

    Sliced Roast Glazed Ham

    Sliced Roast Glazed Ham

    4 Slices per 200g Pack.

    Price: 4.40

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