We Farm It

National award winning farmers

We are national award winning farmers and producers of free range pork based in rural Lincolnshire on our small, 180 acre, family owned farm.

Good farming practices

Good farming practices and ETHICAL ANIMAL HUSBANDRY are at the heart of the business. Our pigs are REARED NATURALLY and allowed to ROOT and WALLOW and GROW SLOWLY at their own pace.

Great tasting pork

Here at Redhill Farm we breed our own Duroc cross Landrace pigs. This breed produces pork with marbling, essential for flavour and succulence and by growing slowly outdoor this ensures that we can consistently produce great tasting pork with genuine provenance.

We Produce It


We continue to respect the meat we produce with all our production methods. As everything is made simply, to our own recipes, using our own pork which is reared the same way, we can ensure that all our products are consistent in quality and taste.

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We have two highly skilled ‘Debbies’ who make all our nationally acclaimed Pork Pies and Haslets. Using very low tech equipment but mostly just their own hands every Pork Pie and Haslet turns out perfect every time!

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We smoke our dry cured bacon using mature English Oak chippings sourced from a local cabinet-maker. Wholes sides of bacon, hams and strings of sausages are hung in our brick smokehouse and cold smoked over-night. The mature Oak produces a lighter smoke which allows the natural sweet flavour of the bacon to be retained.

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We Sell It

Credibility, reliability, honesty

Building STRONG CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS and providing customer service of the highest level based on CREDIBILITY, RELIABILITY and HONESTY is key to the business.

Outstanding reputation

Our EXTRA CARE and ATTENTION to detail from farming and production to retailing has earned Redhill Farm an OUTSTANDING REPUTATION.

The stall with the queue!

We are affectionately known at FARMERS’ MARKETS as “THE STALL WITH THE QUEUE”.

Products are available from Farmers’ Markets, our Farm Shop or On-line Shop.