Lincolnshire Haslet

Part of our new British and Lincolnshire Charcuterie range our Haslet is a Lincolnshire speciality made by hand slapping balls of Lincolnshire sausage-meat till all the air is removed and then moulding them into ovals and baking in the oven till the outside has turned brown and caramelised.  Made to be eaten cold and sliced but equally good used as an ingredient for an omelette or a quick version of a sausage sandwich.

Cooking tip

Gently warm a slice of Haslet in the base of an omelette pan till heated through, put on a warm plate, top with some wilted spinach, a soft poached egg and hollandaise sauce for a delicious breakfast.

1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2013

1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2012

Lincolnshire Haslet