Lean Minced Pork

Pure lean minced leg of pork, no bone, no gristle.

Ingredients 100% Fresh Pork 

Selection choice

Use instead of any other mince in recipes for a much healthier option. Substitute for beef or lamb in Cottage Pie or Shepherd’s Pie and make a ‘Stockman’s Pie’. When making your next Bolognaise Sauce make it with half beef and half pork mince – more economical and tasty.

Cooking tip

Stir Fry: It only takes 4 minutes to dry fry the mince in a wok (no use of oil) till browned – for a very healthy lean Stir Fry base. Then add whatever Stir Fry ingredients you like or see our Recipes’. Also makes fabulous Fajitas fried with Mexican spices, onions, peppers and wrapped in tortillas with lettuce, cucumber and your favourite sour cream or salsa sauce.