Dry Cured Collar Bacon

This is cut from the shoulder and has more flavour due to the darker meat and the marbling. It’s not a cut you will easily find anywhere else and as such may be unfamiliar but once you have tried it you will find it’s possibly the tastiest bacon you’ve ever had.

Selection choice

The best bacon for sandwiches, paninis, pasta dishes. Quick to prepare as it is rindless.

Cooking tip

Creamy Bacon Pasta: Fry chopped onion and garlic in olive oil till softened, add diced collar bacon (1 pack per 2 people) and cook till browned, add veg stock and shredded savoy cabbage and cook with lid on for 2 mins, remove lid and stir in tub of cream, season with black pepper (no need for salt), reduce if needed and mix in penne pasta.

1* Star Gold Great Taste Award 2010

Dry Cured Collar Bacon