‘Exceptional quality pork’  Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux Jr. judges Redhill Farm Free Range Pork

Two-star Michelin chef and owner of Le Gavroche, Michel Roux Jr. judged our Air Dried Pancetta in the final of the Great British Food Awards commenting..."This was a close second and I'd say it's as good as the one I use at Le Gavroche.  It's exceptional quality pork, with superb seasoning".

This is as good as it gets for us as a small artisan food producer to have the quality of our produce acknowledged at the highest level by chefs at the top of their profession.  

Well done to our son, George, who has been developing our Charcuteire range for the last year - this is his first product and it is already recognised nationally acheiving 1*Star Great Taste Award 2018.  

We were delighted that all 5 of our entries to the Great British Food Awards made it to the final to be judged by acclaimed chefs, Monica Galetti, Nathan Outlaw and Michel Roux Jr.  

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