Artisan Skills

Preparing Bacon

Extra time, effort and skills

We use simple, low tech but highly skilled methods of production. Time and technology has moved on to produce things faster and cheaper – we still prefer to take the extra time, effort and skills needed to produce everything by hand, the slow way.

Bacon Curing
Sausage Linking

Specialist knowledge

The skills of our butchers and specialist knowledge of our team gained over years of experience are highly valued, giving everyone a pride in their work, which shows in the end product.

Haslet Making
Finished Pork Pie

Attention to detail

Because everything is made by hand, every product automatically receives the extra care and attention to detail required to produce a product of quality and ensures it is the best it can be when it reaches our customers.

"Fabulous pork! Fabulous service! Redhill Farm share the same care and attention to detail as we do".
Michelle Catalano, San Pietro Restaurant 

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