What we do and why we do it!

The success at Redhill Farm is based on a few principles that matter to us above all else – by being GENUINE, HONEST, ETHICAL, keeping things SIMPLE and having PROVEN QUALITY.

Genuine and ethical

We are GENUINE by doing exactly what we say we do – having complete control of every stage by ensuring everything we produce is made here on our farm, by ourselves, from our own herd of free range pigs that have been ETHICALLY bred and reared on our farm, giving our pork genuine PROVENANCE.

Respect the meat

This HONEST approach is continued through every stage of the production process, by producing everything we sell by hand, using SIMPLE but HIGHLY SKILLED and EXPERIENCED butchery and production methods to produce the very best quality products we can to do JUSTICE to our animals and to RESPECT the meat that we produce.

Commitment to quality

Our COMMITMENT TO QUALITY has meant that we have specialised in producing and retailing all our own pork and resisted the larger commercial routes, choosing instead to be selective in who we supply. The QUALITY of our pork is PROVEN consistently NATIONALLY, REGIONALLY and LOCALLY which allows us to benchmark our products and keep them recognised as some of the best products in the country.

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