Genuine Free Range Pork Production!

Here at the farm we strive to ensure that every stage of what we do is the very best it can be to produce the best quality FREE RANGE PORK - from start to finish from our own herd of free range pigs that have been ETHICALLY bred and reared on farm, giving our pork genuine PROVENANCE:-


Our animals are allowed to live in the most natural, stress-free way. 

For pigs in particular it's vitally important to ANIMAL WELFARE that consumers choose to buy genuine FREE RANGE pork.  


Do you know the difference between Outdoor Bred Pork, Outdoor Reared Pork and Free Range Pork?

'Outdoor Bred' on a label for pork doesn't mean that the pork you buy has been reared outdoor- only that it's mother has been outside! Pork that you buy that has only been outdoor bred has been born in huts (farrowing arcs) in a field, on straw - they stay safe inside the arc for around 4 weeks while the sow only has access to the paddock for feed and water.  After the 4 weeks the piglets are weaned from the sows and then go indoor for fattening up - with no access to outdoor paddocks or any of the free range welfare benefits for the next 5 months of the pigs life.

"Outdoor Reared' on a label doesn't mean free range either - the minimum requirement to use this label is another 1 month after weaning with access to outdoor paddocks - pigs can then legally be brought indoor, ideally in barns for the further 4 months of thier life.

Free Range Pork - is the only system that give the pig it's entire life outdoors, with complete access to water, feed, wallows, sunshine, fresh air and space to run around or sleep outside whenever it wants. 

With our Free Range farming methods we give our pigs everything they want for a stress free life - and nothing they don't want or need.  All other systems impose other environments or add stress for the sake of saving the farmer time, money and effort - we prefer to put in the extra time, effort and money to farm to the highest welfare standards for all our pigs.

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