Proven Quality

Proud winners of Great Taste Supreme Champion 2020 
Winning out of 12,777 entries of the best food and drink in the world, from over 100 Countries. 

Also winners of 3  x Great Taste Golden Forks (2014 & 2019,2020) and consistent 1, 2 & 3 Star Great Taste Awards every year for 17 years in a row since first entering in 2004.

We choose to enter the Great Taste Awards because they talk about this 'Proven Quality' which is to important in a crowded world of food where everyone says they are award winning.  We chose the Great Taste Awrds to bench mark our prouduce against the absolutle best there is, to prove our quality and most importantly to prove it consistantly year in year out in our efforts to stand out from the crowd.  

The Great Taste Awards, run by the Guild of Fine Food, are regarded as the highest standard national awards for all Fine Food and Artisan Producers in the UK. Their 3-Star Gold Award system is the equivalent of Michelin Stars for food producers.

  • 1-Star Awards are presented to foods that are virtually faultless.
  • 2-Star Awards are given to an entry that has achieved absolute perfection.
  • 3-Star Awards go to products with that extra ‘wow factor’ that just have to be tasted!

Every product entered is judged by industry experts, food writers, chefs, restaurant critics and fine food retailers all of whom are well respected within the fine food industry. Each product is judged by at least three different judging panels, all the tasting is blind. To achieve a 2-Star Award a panel of up to 20 judges must unanimously agree that the entry has achieved absolute perfection.  To win a 3 Star is the ultimate mark of outstanding quality and taste.  

The Golden Forks are then chosen from among the 3 Star winner - down to 1 product per region out of around 13,000 entries.  

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Great Taste Supreme Champion 2020
Great Taste Golden Fork 2019
Great Taste Golden Fork 2014